The Harness Chosen By More APA & ADBA National Champions!!

1. An accurate weight of your dog & age
2. Breed
3. Neck Measurement (if I asked for it)
4. Webbing and fur color and any extra instructions.
5. Address to mail your harness to.
6. Phone # or E-mail address for contact

Once I confirm receiving your order, I will send you the total due.  You can
forward a check or money order in U.S. funds made payable to me or you
can make a payment through paypal .   Shipping within the U.S. will be based
on zip code shipped to.  Up to 3 harnesses (depending on size) can be
shipped together in the same box, price based on weight & zip code .  
Shipping for orders over 3 harnesses, please contact me for rates.  
Worldwide shipping is available also, I will give you a quote once I have your
postal code.  

Your harness is handmade to your specifications, so time is needed to ensure
the quality of your order.  
Normal shipping time is 20 working days (M-F)
after the  payment is received, unless it is a multiple harness order.   Multiple
harness orders might need a few extra days shipping, depending on the
number of harnesses ordered.  

* Please keep shipping times in mind when Placing your order for a show.*
Sometimes I might ask for the measurement from the top of the shoulder
blade to the side only
(Like image below)
To place an order for a harness e-mail to :