What is Competitive Canine Weight Pulling?

K-9 weight pull is a competitive sport available to any breed of
dog in which determination is rewarded.  The art of pulling with
dogs is not a new one.   Man has asked canines to pull carts,
sleds and wagons for centuries. It was formally introduced in the
United States during the 1970's and now can be seen in many
different parts of the world.  In that time many breeders have
begun to use weight pull as one of their ways to help determine
quality breeding stock.
People have many misconceptions about weight pull and think it
is harmful to the dog and we make the dogs pull massive weights
they cannot handle.  On the contrary no respectable organization
allows a dog to be leashed or tethered during a weight pull so the
dog does not have to pull if it does not want to and when proper
training is applied a dog will have much better physical fitness.
Others may think that this will cause hip dysplasia but if done
correctly a dog will have stronger hip, leg and shoulder muscles
causing less stress on hips and other joints providing a better life,
allowing it to be a healthy dog even longer.

There are many different clubs and organizations that hold weight
pull contests, not all weight pulls held are through registries.   
Most are held by non-profit organizations. The UKC, ADBA,
AADR and other registrations hold weight pulls but will be
limited to dogs registered with them.  The UKC has a system for
registering dogs without papers, so that they can compete in
performance events, but they must be spayed and neutered.  The
APA & IWPA  are non-profit organizations that are open to all
breeds, mixed breeds and spayed and neutered dogs.