Collars are 1 1/2" wide 4 ply polypro. Collars are $10 ea. (price break
available on qtys.)

Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Baby Blue, Orange, Silver and Kelly Green.
Sizes are 20" to 32" measured from end to end also coincides with
harness sizes ...i.e. dog wears a 24 harness will also wear a 24" collar.

2" Collars may be available in the near future if customer request are
suitable and material prices allow it.

Hanging weigh straps are $10 each colors: Red, Blue, and Black. They
are long enough to weigh in up to 125 lb. dogs & come they with built
in handles.
Now Available
These Buckles are not the standard cheap kind offered on other
websites, these are roller buckles with a kick bar.